Custom Projector Plenum Box

The ultimate bespoke solution for audio-visual integration in any drop ceiling environment, our Custom Projector Plenum Box is tailored to the specialized needs of Audio Visual professionals, consultants, projector manufacturers, commercial builders, HVAC professionals, and project managers.

Features and Benefits

Tailored to Your Specifications
• 100% Customizable: Built to meet the exact site and project requirements
• Versatility: Compatible with any make or model of the projector, providing limitless possibilities for your Project.

Elegant Design
• Flange Design: A sleek transition between the box door and the ceiling tile is achieved with our smooth flange design.
• Motorized Options: Enhance your AV experience with a motorized door, adding a touch of sophistication and convenience.

Functional Excellence
• Integrated Projector Mount: Each box includes a projector mount featuring 6-axis adjustments for precise alignment and optimal image quality.
• Efficient Ventilation: Choose from an integrated fan system or opt for an HVAC hookup to regulate temperature and maintain ideal operating conditions for your projector.
• Door with Glass window: A glass window in the door enables the image to be transferred from inside the box to the screen without compromising the box’s seal.

Robust Construction
• High-Quality Materials: Constructed with heavy-gauge steel and finished with a durable powder coating, ensuring strength and longevity.
• Easy Access for Maintenance: The door of the box can be easily removed for access to the projector or any other necessary maintenance.


Our Custom Projector Plenum Box is designed for easy installation in both new construction and renovation projects. With multiple mounting options, it can be easily integrated into any drop ceiling environment. Our team of experts also provides on-site support and guidance for

Easy Installation

• Hassle-free Setup: Our boxes are designed with the installer in mind, ensuring straightforward and quick installation in false ceiling applications.

• Drop Ceiling Compatibility: The box is specifically made to fit seamlessly within standard drop ceiling grids, taking the guesswork out of installation.

• Door with Optional Glass Window: Take your pick between a solid or glass door to suit your monitoring preferences without compromising on aesthetics.