Flat LCD Panels

Wall Mounts, Self Supported Structure & Ceiling Mounts

Self-Supported LCD Video Wall Structure

This design is ideal for bigger configurations. Its unique design avoids the need of reinforcing existing walls. Integrated to this design is our front-access mounts, e.g. scissor or hinged door type mount.

Features of Our Flat LCD Panel Structures:

Floor-To-Ceiling Design

This design is engineered with a slim body that allows anchoring to the floor and ceiling and is seismically approved in any city in the world.

Wall Mounts

From scissor mounts to hinged door designs, our mounts are designed to avoid field installation. This allows you to access the back of the panel during installation and service. All of our mounts come with micro adjustments for a seamless installation.

Floor-To-Back Wall Design

This design is ideal when anchoring to the ceiling is not an option. By anchoring the mount to the ball wall.

Curved Design

This 100 percent custom design allows the flexibility of making any radius in order to meet project specs. Whether it is a new design or we have to replace an existing wall, this structure is the perfect solution.

Upgrades and Accessories

If you are looking to give your video wall an upscale and unique look, we have the options of dressing the structure with any type of cladding. Front-access panels allow us to integrate equipment racks, custom personal lockers, shelves or simply storage.

Adjustable shelves

Personal lockers
For cladding options, visit.