Self-Supported Structures

Self-Supported Structures

100% Custom Structures To Meet Projects Need

Self-Supported Structures

Our self-supported structure is custom-made to meet your project's specific needs. Constructed out of CNC-cut, precision-formed steel, it allows for tolerances to stay within thousands of an inch. The self-supported structure has additional fine-tune adjustment points to provide a virtually tight seamless installation. Compatible with any LED cabinet in the world.


  • Freestanding floor stand
  • Floor anchored with a secondary attachment point
  • Fully adjustable with fine-tune adjustments
  • Straight or curved design
  • Cladding and millwork options
  • No size limit
  • Static or front-service scissor mount
  • Options for cladding or millwork
  • Quick installation time
  • Constructed out of CNC punch, laser and parts
  • USA-made


  • Curved
  • Straight 
  • Rear Projection Replacement

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